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More Exciting News from QAM

More Exciting News from Queensland Air Museum

There’s even more exciting news from Queensland Air Museum …


The F-111 is staying with us for another 5 years!!!

Queensland Air Museum has received the welcome news it’s F-111 A-8 129 will be part of the QAM displays for at least another 5 years!!

This is great news for aviation enthusiasts and general QAM visitors alike. Many thousands of visitors each year have had the experience of getting close to F-111 A-8 129 and marvel at its size and magnificent design features.

A bit of F-111 history;

  • Fist conceived following the American CIA U-2 spy-plane was shot down over the USSR. Besides being a major break-down is USA – USSR relations and a step into the ‘cold-war’ it highlighted the USSR had surface-to-air missile capacity at more than 60,000 feet, hence the need for a supersonic bomber, and the F-111, with its unique swing-wing capacity, became a high priority.

How big is a F-111?

  • Length; 73’6” (22.4 metres)
  • Wing span; Spread 63’ (19.2 m) Swept 32’ (9.75m)
  • Maximum take-off weight; 45,300 kgs

Performance of F-111?

  • Maximum speed; Mach 2.5 = 2,655 kph.
  • Range; almost 6,000 kms
  • Plus, a range of devastating armaments with different fitment option between F-111 versions and logistical needs.

The F-111 aircraft were either greatly revered of greatly discredited. The Australian fleet never fired a shot in anger but were regarded as a huge deterrent in the South-East Asian area for 3 decades. Once described at the “White Elephant’ in the sky due to the huge maintenance required to keep the fleet flying; 180 hours of maintenance for every hour of flight. It was their maintenance requirements that saw the F-111 fleet retired in 2010, 10 years ahead of schedule.

QAM’s F-111 is on display every day of the year at Queensland Air Museum located at 7 Pathfinder Drive, Caloundra.

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