Meet the Team

Tanya BraundTanners
General Manager – Shenanigans Instigator

‘You’ll never work a day in your life if you love what you do’ – this couldn’t be truer for me.

I’m a huge believer in being unique, creating memories, going on adventures and generally living a life full of fun and meaningful experiences.

I enjoy being able to bring this positive outlook into the workplace with me, ensuring that the team and I are always delivering new idea’s to Monaco guests.

Having been a part of Monaco since the opening process in 2009  I’ve watched the business blossom into something amazing and am extremely passionate about this gorgeous place I call home.

Mahnie DaviesWoodsy
Operations Assistant – Creator of Magical Moments

I grew up in the coastal town of Port Douglas, a renowned tourist hot-spot which had me wanting to pursue a career in hospitality and tourism from early on.

My family and I sailed the East Coast of Queensland by yacht and extensively travelled overseas throughout Northern America and South East Asia. I relocated to the Sunshine Coast, fell into the relaxed lifestyle the region provides and have been working in the resort industry since.

I love to travel and meet others with this same passion as I find it brings together so many different personalities and interesting stories from all over the world. I genuinely appreciate every day knowing I get to work in a customer-service focused role in an industry I’m passionate for, and where I can be a part of creating special holiday memories for guests.

Vicky ArnoldBickster
Director of First Impressions

I have now lived on the beautiful Sunshine Coast for 10 years and  I can still appreciate this amazing part of the world we live in.

Having my own family, I understand it’s the little things that matter and let’s be honest, if mums happy, then everyone is happy! I know that going that extra mile can make a world of difference to a guests stay and whether or not they will return.

I’m a little bit fond of having a chat and getting to know guests better or hearing their stories because at the end of the day it’s not just the spectacular location that matters but also the people you come across, along the way.

Aileen MooreMoowa
Keeper of Keys

Migrating from Scotland 10 years ago with my family our intention was to live on the Gold Coast, but after visiting the Sunshine Coast we couldn’t relocate quick enough.

Having grown up in a small town in Scotland, I’ve always envisioned travelling and this is where my love for the Tourism industry has blossomed. I’m currently studying to get my Business Degree and majoring in Tourism to further pursue my passion.

I can confidently say I am now a local and pride myself on knowing all the best spots to eat, relax and watch the sunset.

To help people see the world and give guests the customer service they deserve is something I aim to do throughout my whole career.

Chad B – Frankie
The Smile Seeker

Growing up I’ve been lucky enough to live in a few different places throughout Australia such as Perth, Kununurra, Darwin and Cairns and having now relocated to the beautiful Sunshine Coast I haven’t looked back since.

I have always been in the hospitality and tourism industry and have recently made the transition from Flight Attendant to Resorts so understand everything about making the perfect holiday experience. It isn’t  just about the room you’re staying in or the facilities on offer, it’s about a whole experience which can be greatly improved by the level of customer service you receive during your stay. I’d like to think of myself a very bubbly, outgoing and spoken individual who enjoys making conversation with others and putting a smile on their face so look forward to help making your stay memorable when you come to visit.